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Row Your Own Boat Now - Performance Improvement Workshop

 A fun and entertaining customized personal empowerment and strategic leadership program for entrepreneurs, professionals, and individuals seeking to make continuous improvements in their lives and businesses.



Learn ways to uncover your purpose, Create a Vision for realization and Develop an Action Plan to Achieve Your Goals and Live Your Dreams on your journey down the river of life (and business).



The easy to apply tools and techniques developed for this program are based on industry-leading project and quality frameworks that are implemented by many Fortune 500 companies to enable and achieve peak performance.

A journey of continuous improvement...

Just like you need your paddles to get down a river - you need



The Paddle Principles - A Journey of Continuous Improvement

to make your way down the river of life and business.

Uncover what you are truly passionate about and learn how to use it in your daily life.

Without personal accountability you leave the power and your chance for success in the hands of others.

How bad you want to achieve your goals is demonstrated in the desire you have which enables you to take action.

Work daily with determination until you become an "overnight success."

You are the "master of your fate and captain of your soul" and must take a leadership role in your own life.

If we're lucky, the journey of life will be long and no doubt full of adventure.  Endurance will be required to weather the storms of life and business.


If you find yourself feeling stuck or you are floating through life without a purpose, it's time to Row Your Own Boat NOW!

Learning Options

Keynote / Lectures


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Designed to inspire the listeners to take action in their own lives to create the future they want.

1/2 Day and Full Day Customized Workshops designed to aid participants in creating an actionable and measureable plan to achieve their goals

Row Your Own Boat NOW!

A primer on how to apply the Paddle Principles in your life to achieve success that exceeds your wildest dreams.



1 hour

video-coaching with Barbara Scott


(no contract  required)


Builds confidence and helps to develop the habit of moving toward the difficult instead of running from it. Barbara's own resiliency goes a long way and her willingness to grow and teach others is remarkable.

- Debra Davis

Barbara is an amazing woman and a leader in many different areas. A great facilitator and Motivational Speaker.  I am proud to have worked with her.

- Ndalamo Muvhali

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About the Facilitator

Business & Technology Strategist ★ Continuous Improvement Expert ★ Amazon Best-Selling Author ★ Change Agent ★

Barbara A Scott

Barbara A. Scott

Two decades of experience building multi-stakeholder consultative relationships, managing full lifecycle projects, and executing strategies to grow, improve and innovate Fortune 500 businesses using process and technology as conduits to empower people, increasing performance and profitability.

A deep sustainability and corporate social responsibility advocate, with a pronounced commitment to transformative change in these times of environmental and social crises, which manifests in consulting, coaching, writing, public speaking and more. 

Barbara has worked with individuals, community-based, corporate, non-profit, & public-service organizations, creating outstanding results through a rare combination of conventional change consulting approaches and cutting-edge innovations leveraging her years of experience in the business and technology arenas and her skills as a Six Sigma black belt in process engineering. She designs, develops and implements systems that consistently deliver quality results, improving the triple bottom-line [people, planet and profit].

Through leadership coaching, strategic consulting and customized workshops, Barbara assists individuals and organizations with driving an internal ethos of continuous improvement, one person and process at a time.

Why Choose Us?

Learn Fast

Whether selecting a 45-minute keynote, a 1/2 or full-day workshop or participating in our 6 month program, each is session is designed to deliver maximum impact.  

Have Fun

Solving problems and developing solutions can be fun and fulfilling. Learn the methods that deliver crazy success. Rowing your own boat should be fun!

Get Results

Learning and applying the Paddle Principles on your journey down the river of life will allow you to achieve all your dreams while enjoying the milestones along the way.

"Success is a Journey not a Destination"



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